Bit higher idle & P0175

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Bit higher idle & P0175

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Hope someone could help me. I am trying to figure out why after a longer drive I got P0175.
It's a VK45DE engine.

Symptoms that I can tell are rich A/F smell from exhaust, idle RPM won't go to specified 650 +/-50 RPM but rather wobbles around between 738 and 800.

I initially assumed I might have a vacuum leak but only bank 2 is complaining.
Attached a log of a static run, I can see that when I hold the engine at 2k RPM, bank 2 sensor starts measuring between rich and lean but bank 1 stays lean most of the time.

Any pointers greatly appreciated, I will try to do a leak test to make sure I have no vacuum leak.
Might do another log file during warmup to get a better idea what is going on, any suggestions for which data I should collect?

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