SH7055 / KA24DE Address locations

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SH7055 / KA24DE Address locations

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Looking for a little help with a SH7055 rom for a 03 Frontier D22 / KA24DE - SH7055 processor
You guys seem pretty familiar with the whole QR25DE rom, and seem to be able to point out the needed rom locations..
so here's what i'm trying to do:
link to rom file:
change the rev limiter to 6800-7200rpm (and maybe make the cut / return a little quicker)
change the speed limiter (currently at 100mph)
and finally, change whatever the hell is going on from 2700-3450rpm above 30% throttle - A/F jumps back and forth between 13 - 17 (i'm assuming it's OBDII running cat testing or O2 sensor testing)
main problem with that is, i've turbocharged it, and from 2700rpm to 3450rpm, whatever the hell it's doing is VERY counterproductive to 7-11psi of boost going into the engine!
This REALLY sucks trying to pull a trailer uphill on the highway, having to downshift 2 gears to climb a hill..

But, let me tell you.... when 3500rpm hits, the fun REALLY begins...

and let me just say thank you in advance for ANY help with this project!
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