Ignition timing Jumping

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Ignition timing Jumping

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Does anyone know what would cause the base ignition timing to jump quickly back and forth from 15 to 20 degrees at idle? (with the timing light mark on the crank)
If I advance the CAS sensor it will rest on 20 or 30 advanced, when I go to retard the timing to set it on the 15 degrees that it is supposed to be at, it jumps from 15 to 20 rapidly. Almost like the ECU is trying to compensate for it.

Engine is at operating temp. (VG30DETT)

So far I have heard anything from the TPS on/off switch needs to be on or off?
CAS pin misalignment issue?

New CAS sensor installed.

Is there anything I could set on the software to test this?

Could it be due to a random misfire at idle?

Any help would be great! Thanks!
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