Exhast Valve T/C Learn

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Exhast Valve T/C Learn

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I have a question about the EVTCL .
How do you perform it ? I have tried pressing the button, but it says that it just fails.
Does the car have to be running on during this procedure or off ?

I have touched the throttle bodies on my car, and struggled with getting the Idle relearn done, and then I tried once more and it actually worked. My RPMs are now at ~650 at idle (used to be around 900-1000 range before ).
But the other issue that hasn't been resolved is that during driving at around 60 mph the rpm is 2400 which seems too high for me. So would the exhaust valve t/c learn fix this issue or is there something else wrong with the car.

Car info:
2007 Infiniti G35 Journey 4DR ( VQ35HR engine )

I bought this car a month ago also.

Thank you!
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Re: Exhast Valve T/C Learn

Post by Tom »

It's best to follow the service manual instructions. See below.

Exhaust Valve Timing Control Learning is an operation to learn the characteristic of exhaust valve timing control
magnet retarder by comparing the target angle of exhaust camshaft with the actual retarded angle of
exhaust camshaft. It must be performed each time exhaust valve timing control magnet retarder is disconnected
or replaced, or ECM is replaced.

1. Start engine and warm it up to normal operation temperature.
2. Set shift lever in neutral position and confirm that following electrical or mechanical loads are not applied.
- Headlamp switch is OFF
- Air conditioner switch is OFF
- Rear defogger switch is OFF
- Steering wheel is in the straight-ahead position, etc
3. Keep the engine speed between 1,800 and 2,000 rpm.
5. Touch “START” and wait 20 seconds.
6. Make sure that “CMPLT” is displayed on CONSULT-III screen.

BTW. The EVTCL procedure will not fix your RPM to Speed ratio.... It might be that your transmision is slipping
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Re: Exhast Valve T/C Learn

Post by subside »

I'm having trouble getting this to work on my skyline, P36 vq35hr.
I follow the instructions in this post but it just says failed.
any other things i can try? Thanks
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