Connecting to ECU is "Hanging", aka not connecting

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Connecting to ECU is "Hanging", aka not connecting

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Hey Everyone!

I'm using Nissan DataScan 1 v1.63 on a ThinkPad T590 laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64x and using ECUTalk's Consult 1 to USB adapter to connect to my 1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R.

I recently upgraded from my old laptop, and can no longer use the old one. The previous laptop worked fine, but now i'm having some difficulty with my new laptop. Nisscan has been activated but whenever i press connect nisscan takes forever, and doesn't connect to the ECU at all. I've let it sit for an hour, but the progress bar will just stay stagnate with one blue bar. When i go to settings, press "find ECU" nisscan will say completed.

I've looked in Windows device manager and confirmed the right com port (4), matched the speed of the port as well at 9600. All the USB drivers are up to date. I even downloaded and installed current drivers from FTDI's website per ECUtalk's FAQ. Though i didn't uninstall the previous drivers, not that i think that was necessary.

I guess i am at a loss and am looking for some help to remedy this issue. IDK if this is operator error, a setting in the software, or the cable is bad.

Let me know what you all think i should do.

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