P1283 lean reading

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P1283 lean reading

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Hello! First time post! As seen in the subject, this topic is about a lean bank 2 sensor 1 reading. This is on a VQ35DE with a turbo. I was excited to use my new cable but had a few questions. First off, what are the values these OS are being read at? Is it volts? My tuner said that my AFR should be 14.7 at idle, 12.8ish cruising, and in the 11's in boost. So you imagine my surprise when I open up my Data log and see values at 2.85 or 10.9... I would assume the spike I see occur in B2 is the problem but what would cause this? I took a screen shot of just a quick test with the car at idle for a few seconds and then putting it close to 3k rpm's. Any help would be appreciated!
OS readings .jpg
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Re: P1283 lean reading

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Was the log generated with NDS II Windows Pc software or the Android app?

Can you attach the log file?
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