2006 T30 Xtrail - Immobilizer 'dongle' and 'initialization' process in Consult II

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2006 T30 Xtrail - Immobilizer 'dongle' and 'initialization' process in Consult II

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HI All,

Does anyone know anything about the 'dongle' in RHD models of the T30 Xtrail immobilizer system?
The schematics and fault finding refer to a 'dongle' wired into this system but I can't find any further information on its location appearance or function apart from the fact it is wired between the IMMU and the ECM which could be anywhere from the key barrel along behind the firewall and into the ECM behind the glovebox on the LHS.

The fault finding also refers to performing an 'initialization' process with the NATS system with Consult II. Does anyone know if this is possible with NDSII?

For context I was receiving fault codes P1610 and P1612, replaced the IMMU and rekeyed the key with the pin in NDSII to haveit start straight away, though now it seems to lose the memory once the key is pulled out and away from the car and fault code P1614 then appearsg, preventing ignition again. I can re-enter the IMMU pin in NDSII and it starts still.

Fault finding from the Service manual and NDSII manual tell me P1614 is a fault in the chain of IMMU-KEY.

Any help, context or info would be appreciated.

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