Reverse camera

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Reverse camera

Post by khards »

This is a feature request.

As the DataScan II is communicating with the car the App knows when the car is in reverse/backup gear.
It would be great if there could be a setting to trigger a video app like easycap viewer, or communicate with a USB Easycap device.
This way you could install a tablet into the vehicle, have all the features of DataScan II and a reliable backup camera.
Most wifi solutions out there leave the app open once reverse has been disengaged as they the wifi signal is simply lost when it's put back into drive, therefore the app doesn't know what to do.

I think it would be easy enough to launch an app on reverse being selected or give another app focus, then switch it back to Datascan when reverse signal has gone.


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Re: Reverse camera

Post by Tom »

That's an interesting idea. Thanks for the suggestion Keith. We will have to check out the EasyCap viewer app. Is it just using a standard UVC camera?
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