IAVL issues and possibly others

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IAVL issues and possibly others

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Hey guys, I have been using NDS for a year or so now and love it. But recently I noticed that my G35 is unable to perform the IAVL. It times out eventually and never completes. I also noticed that during the procedure the software seems to lose connection to the ECU (possibly why it times out). I thought this may have been an issue with my throttle body so I replaced it (was already planning on it due to other issues). This did not resolve the IAVL procedure issues. So I decided to try it on my '04 Titan to see if maybe it wasn't the car but the software/cable. Same thing happens with the Titan as well.

Has anyone else run into this issue?
I am using a VAG-COM KKL 409.1 USB Interface Diagnostic Cable and NDS 2.54 on Windows 10. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Re: IAVL issues and possibly others

Post by Tom »

Have you followed the preparation instructions? The engine has to be in a certain state otherwise the ECU is not able to complete the procedure and the function times out.

There are also good instructions in the Service Manual about what to check if the procedure can't be completed. In most cases it's an air leak in the intake system. Even a crack in the smallest air hose can cause issues.
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