Can Datascan help with my Issues?

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Can Datascan help with my Issues?

Post by Healingthroughfire »

Hi. I own a 2005 Nissan Elgrand E51 Highway Star, I have purchased the cable and software and this appears to be working well. I bought this to assist me with error codes, which I thought would show for the two problems I have, but this doesn't seem to be the case as no error codes are showing.

My problems are as follows:
I have removed the majority of the rear seats from my car to have a van conversion completed. This has resulted in me getting an Airbag warning light coming on. I assume this is a sensor issue with regards to the seat belts, but I don't know that for sure. The bigger issue is that apparently when the airbag light is on the airbags are disabled and therefore not working. Which is a safety issue and will stop the vehicle passing it's next registration check. Would the error codes for warning light usually show? Does anyone have any advice on this matter?

Issue number 2 is my own fault. When working on the wiring in the roof I accidentally cut a wire leading to a small black 'sensor'. Since then I have had to use the key in the ignition to start the car. The fob works fine to remotely lock and unlock the car, the key works fine in the ignition. But the door buttons don't work to lock / unlock the car when the key is in my pocket (this was working before). I assume this is an immobiliser issue but I don't know for sure. I was hoping to reprogram the immobiliser using the software but I don't know the PIN. Does this sound like a possible solution to the problem? If so how can I find out the immobiliser PIN? I don't have a metal tag on the keys as some have suggested on this forum.

Any help would be gratefully received!! I am stuck! Thx
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Re: Can Datascan help with my Issues?

Post by Tom »

The Airbag error codes should come up when you connect to the DRS ecu. Are you able to connect from the DRS tab?

Do you have the smart key fob and push to start button or a key with buttons that you have to insert into the ignition barrel?
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