Computer? Or adapter? Or wtf

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Computer? Or adapter? Or wtf

Post by shanez »

Okay, i have been trying to use my datascan for a few days now and have zero results. I am currently using the unregistered version bc i wanted to make sure it worked before i registered.
I am using the track consult bluetooth and when i hit connect it starts showing its connected (solid blue light on dongle) then after a second or two it just freezes. Never actually connects.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled etc etc
I have used a different usb port for my bluetooth on my laptop.
I have checked my bluetooth drivers and it says they r uo to date.
Im using windows 10 on an hp compaq notebook. Is it just a shitty bluetooth connection or is my laptop a P.O.S. or us something wrong with my datscan.....need some input.
Have bought datascan liscenses twice now if i recall and have never had any sucess actually using it on a laptop. Whats the deal?? Help would be greatly appreciated

Also im running a z32 ecu with rs enthalpy tune for my rb25det neo. Dont know if it helps.
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Re: Computer? Or adapter? Or wtf

Post by Tom »

It's probably the Bluetooth connection on your laptop. Windows is not very good with Bluetooth to Com Port conversion. Even if you get it working the next time you try to use it will suddenly drop out and not able to connect.

I would suggest using a USB adapter cable and keep the Bluetooth adapter for the Android app.
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