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Common Rail ZD30 EGR and Throttle valve relearn

Posted: 18 Nov 2020, 22:51
by CarlM
Hi, I had NDS v.I years ago for my R32 Skyline and loved it so would like to use v.III for my Australian 2009 Y61 Patrol with said common rail zd30.

According to the Nissan service manual, and engine supplements, techs. should only use Consult 3 and the vehicle uses CANbus.

Before the Windows version was released I tried all the Android versions with no luck.

Are there options for EGR and Throttle valve relearn for diesel engines (specifically the CR zd30 of course)? The throttle valve only closes for smooth shut down, it remains wide open at all other times but throws up codes if the "learn" isn't done.

Thanks for all your work