NDSIII has been released !!!

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NDSIII has been released !!!

Post by Tom »

The NDSIII Windows PC software has been released and is available for purchase from our website.

Thanks everyone that helped with Beta testing. The development took a lot longer than we expected but we got there at the end. We are planning to add more functions in the future. If you have any suggestions please comment below.
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Re: NDSIII has been released !!!

Post by mantix »

1. Would it be possible to get an ODO configure built-in. In my instance I've converted my Japanese ODO LCD display to English but its changed my ODO reading from Km's to Miles. I would like to change it back to Km's but keep the English translation.

2. It might be a bit of a niche market but maybe getting the ability to edit BCM things like interior lighting on/off timers and effects as well as changing the mirrors to auto fold in and out when unlocked. (I believe some of these things are changeable extras that the factory allows you to select on purchase).
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