Base Timing Adjustment

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Base Timing Adjustment

Post by Balko »


i hope that this function also comes with the NDS III Software too.

my question is:
here in Germany we are able to drive Aral/BP Ultimate with 102 Octane. the most benefit i know, is that the Timing from Cars can be modified Up with the higher quality of Petrol.
Would i be able to set with the NDS III Software a higher Timing to use all of the mighty stuff :).
Or would do i habe to do to use all of it? and would NDS III would do the trick ?

best Regards Bjoern

Here is one of my full pulls with the 350z HR where you can see my timing. Would you Change anything ?
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Re: Base Timing Adjustment

Post by Tom »

Yes, Base Timing Adjustment will be available with the NDSIII software. In fact it has already been implemented.

Timing is heavily controlled by the knock sensor feedback. Even if you increase the base timing (or modify the ignition maps), the final timing might be retarded by the knock sensor feedback loop when running under load. The good news is that when running higher octane fuel the timing should automatically increase as the knock sensor will no longer retard it. You might just have to reset the ECU to restart the learning process.
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