Questions about NDS3

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Questions about NDS3

Post by subside »

Any plan to make NDS3 for Windows? or a USB support for Android?

When logging , what is the resolution of the data?
Im trying to log a fault but it seems like the resolution is very low
the data is maybe updated once or twice every second, even if the log file has 10-15 entries recorded
for the 1 second time frame.

Is there a way to select what items i want to view/log without having to connect?

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Re: Questions about NDS3

Post by Tom »

Yes, there are plans for Windows NDSII. We are evaluating suitable adapters at the moment.

Yes, the resolution is not very good and it's mainly to do with the ELM327 adapters. They add a lot of delay and each parameter needs to be requested separately. Log only the parameters that you need to improve the resolution. A good quality adapter should also improve the logging resolution.

No, you can not select parameters without connecting to the car. Different cars supports different parameters, they are checked when you connect to the car and only the supported ones are displayed.
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