Nissan Micra

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Nissan Micra

Post by apmostert »

I am using:
OBDLink MX bluetooth interface
NDSIII for android
On a 2015 Nissan Micra
Connection seems fine
Could you please tell me what variables I should be able to read (a list if possible)
Is there a manual of some sorts on how to set up the different screens

I usually use ODBLink or Torque on a Lexus and a Volvo and VAGCom (with a USB interface) on a VW caravelle so I have a bit of experience
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Re: Nissan Micra

Post by Tom »

The app automatically checks the ECU for available variables. Only supported and available variables are displayed.
Once connected go to Settings->Dash Settings to select variables for Data Display. Go to Settings->Dash Settings to select variables for Dash.
If you want to move around and re-size Dash gauges select Enable Dash Edit Mode under Settings->Preferences. Disable it to save the changes.
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