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by dry.bonz
23 Apr 2021, 03:11
Forum: Nissan DataScan II for Android
Topic: elm327 v1.5 ini failed
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elm327 v1.5 ini failed

Been having issues with my elm327 v1.5 wifi adapter and the NDS ii Lite app. I used to be able to connect but now I cannot to either my '05 G35 or my '04 Titan. I receive a ini failed prompt after the app recognizes the adapter and seems to connect but never continues past the failed prompt. Has any...
by dry.bonz
23 Apr 2021, 00:08
Forum: Nissan DataScan II
Topic: IAVL issues and possibly others
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IAVL issues and possibly others

Hey guys, I have been using NDS for a year or so now and love it. But recently I noticed that my G35 is unable to perform the IAVL. It times out eventually and never completes. I also noticed that during the procedure the software seems to lose connection to the ECU (possibly why it times out). I th...