Work Support ECM Diesel

Work Support functions allow users to perform common advance service procedures. Those procedures may need to be performed after replacement parts are installed.

Config Clear - Initializes the ASCD application status.

DPF Data Clear - Should only be performed when DPF is replaced. Based on the signal from sensors ECM estimates the amount of particulate matter in diesel particulate filter and stores the value in EEPROM as diesel particulate filter data. When oxidation catalyst with diesel particulate filter is replaced with a new one, there is a difference between diesel particulate filter data stored in ECM and the actual amount of particulate matter in diesel particulate filter, because no particulate matter is trapped in new diesel particulate filter. In this case, ECM cannot perform regeneration control correctly. Do not perform this function if DPF is not replaced with a new one. Diesel particulate filter may be damaged because regeneration is not performed at appropriate timing.

Pump Leant Clear - In order to always keep optimum fuel pressure in fuel rail, the ECM controls fuel pump in high precision with monitoring the signal of fuel rail pressure sensor. Accordingly, the ECM always learns characteristic value of fuel pump. Fuel Pump Learning Value Clearing is an operation to clear the value of the fuel pump learning.

EGR Valve Learn Clear - EGR volume control valve closed position learning value should be cleared when EGR volume control valve is removed or replaced.

Injector Adjustment Value Clear - Initilaizes injector adjustment value stored in ECM.

Fuel injection quantity learning is performed to adjust fuel injection quantity deviated during the use of injectors under various conditions to properly adjust the injection quantity. If this learning is not performed, then malfunctions, such as knocking and poor acceleration may occur.