Software Download

Please Note! This software will only work with BlaztII adaptor or generic "dumb" adaptor. ELM adaptors are not supported.

Please Note! If you do not have an account for activating NDSII software please contact us on with a proof of purchase from our authorised distributor.

Changes and additions in Nissan DataScan II Version 2.53:

  • Diesel specific error codes
  • Immobiliser key programming for diesel engines
  • Steering wheel angel sensor reset
  • Log analyser minor bug fixes
  • Last used data log parameters and registers saved

Download Nissan DataScan II v2.53: NDS II

Changes and additions in Nissan DataScan II Version 2.52:

  • Support for generic "dumb" OBDII adaptors. ELM adaptors not supported.
  • BCM Data Display function
  • Fixed check sum bug
  • Support for diesel ECUs (ECMD) - tested on Almera YD22DDT
  • Additional ECM parameters including base fuel schedule
  • Ignition Timing Active Test
  • Improved reliability of Idle Adjustment and Timing Adjustment functions
  • Software activation required for full functionality
  • Connection to ECU can be tested with unregistered software
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 required

Download Nissan DataScan II v2.52: NDS II

Download USB FTDI drivers:

Download Microsoft .Net Framework Version 3.5 SP1: - requires connection to internet to complete installation.

Download NDSII User Manual: NDSII User Manual Rev 2.pdf