OBDII Data Display

Classic design gauges

Modern design gauges

OBDII Data Display functions lets users monitor one OBDII paramter at the time. The parameter to be monitored is selected from the drop down menu below the gauge.

Due to the slow nature of OBDII protocol the gauge is updated only about 3 times a second.

OBDII Data Logging

Selected OBDII parameters can be logged to a file. The data log file can then be analysed using the Log Analyser function.

Due to the slow nature of OBDII protocol it's recommended to log only the required parameters.

OBDII Self Diagnostics

OBDII Self Diagnostics function allows users to read and reset ECU error codes.

OBDII Fuel System Satus

OBDII Fuel System Status can be used to check if the car's fuel system is running in Closed Loop mode.

Fuel systems do not normally refer to injector banks. They are intended to represent completely different fuel systems that can independently enter and exit closed loop fuel. Banks of injectors on a V-engine are generally not independent and share the same closed-loop enablement criteria.

OBDII Monitor Status

OBDII Monitor Status shows the current status of various monitoring systems used by the car's engine management system.

OBDII Log Analyser

Log Analyser is used to review log files previously generated by with Data Logging function. Graphs are drawn by selecting boxes next to parameter value. Graph colours match the parameter value colours.