The Nissan DataScan I for Android is intended for older Nissan cars equipped with a grey 14-pin Consult I connector. The connector is usually located near the fuse box.

A list of cars that the software has been tested on is located on the Supported Vehicles page. The list is by no means comprehensive and is constantly being updated as new vehicles are tested.

The NDSI application supports both, petrol and diesel cars. It communicates with the engine ECU using Consult I protocol. It uses the same communication protocol as the dealer diagnostic tool. Following functions are currently available:

  • Data Display with Data logging
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Dash Display with customizable gauges
  • Video Recorder.

It requires a Bluetooth or USB Nissan Consult I adaptor. Those can be purchased from eBay, Internet stores or hobbyists. List of tested adaptors is located on Supported Adaptors page.

The NDSI app can be downloaded from Google Play store NDSI for Android.

If you would like to test the connection to your car you can download the NDSI Lite free version NDSI Lite for Android.

The Nissan DataScan I app supports factory Nissan engine ECUs. Aftermarket ECUs like Apexi Power FC or F-Con V Pro are not compatible with this app.

Data Display function

Dash function