1. How do I activate the NDS I software?

  • To activate software open the NDS I Activation window. Enter your name and registration email address that you have provided at the time of purchasing the software. Generate a Registration Code.
  • Login to the Nissan DataScan I members area using credentials provided when purchasing the software.
  • After successful login click on "Register Software" button. Copy and Paste your Registration Code from NDS I software and click the "Generate Activation Key" button.
  • Copy and Paste the Activation Key to NDS I software and click the "Unlock" button.
  • You will receive a pop up message confirming activation of your NDS I software.

2. When I start the NDS I software I get an error message and the application shuts down.

You have probably entered a wrong COM port number and ticked the "Auto connect to ECU" option. To fix the problem you will need to reset the registry settings.

  • Go to start->Run and type regedit.
  • Go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\NDataScan" and delete the whole NDataScan entry.
  • Close the Registry Editor and try running the software again. It will save the default settings to the registry file.

Don't tick the "Auto connect to ECU" option until you successfully establish a connection.

Warning: Take note of your Activation Key, you will need to re-enter it to activate the software.

3. I have entered wrong registration details and would like to clear them. I've tried reinstalling the application but it didn't help.

Your registration details are saved in windows registry. Starting with software version 1.54 you can clear your registration details by pressing Ctrl + R key combination when in Software Registration window.

All earlier software versions require registry reset as per instructions in point 2.

4. When I click the Connect button I get an error message and the application shuts down.

You have probably entered an invalid COM port number. Try changing the "Port" setting in "Communication" to a port that you know exists.

5. All gauges in "Data Display" are showing 0.

You have probably setup one of the gauges to a parameter that is not supported by your ECU. Try reviewing the gauge selections under "Setup". If you can't find which gauge is causing the problem reset the registry as per fix in number 1.

6. I've installed the Nissan DataScan I software onto my desktop PC, registered and activated as prompted. I then copied the keys to my laptop but cannot activate the program. How can I activate it to my laptop.

The Activation Key is hardware specific and it's not transferable to other PCs. Every registered user is provided with 2 licenses i.e. desktop and laptop PC.

7. I'm trying to connect to my car's ECU but I get an error message "Invalid Port Number".

The COM Port number that the NDS I software is trying to use is invalid. If you are using an USB adaptor or USB to serial converter, a COM Port number was assigned to your adaptor by the driver at the time of first installation. This COM Port number will need to be entered in the NDS I software under Settings->Communication.

If you don't know what Port number was assigned to your adaptor you can find in Device Manager under "Ports (COM & LPT)".

Please note: NDS I will only work with Com Port numbers 1-16. So if your adaptor has a Com Port number above 16 change it to something lower first. You can do it through Device Manager by going to Properties->Port Settings->Advanced.