Map trace

Map Tracing function can be setup to work on any Nissan Consult I ECU. Specific information about inner workings of the ECU is required though.

RPM MSB and LSB Address - memory address for real time RPM

Map Address - address of the map location to be traced

RPM Scale Address - RPM scale for the map

TP MSB Address - memory address for the real time TP value as calculated by the ECU

TP Scale Address - TP scale for the map

Real time TP memory address is the hardest to identify. It differs between Nissan models and even ROM versions. Usually requires disassembling ECU program and many hours of work. TP memory addresses for VG30DETT, RB20DET and SR20DET identified by current NDS users are already pre-programmed.

The green box represents a current position on the map.