Data Display

Modern design gauges

Data Display window uses 12 gauges and 12 registers to display a real time information about the running engine as measured or calculated by the ECU. Parameters are assigned to gauges in the Data Display Setup window.

O2 Sensor - oscillates between 10 to 90 when engine is running in closed loop. This is normal and desirable for fuel economy. ECU will switch to open mode while accelerating hard. This is a narrow band sensor and should never be used for tuning. O2 Sensors B1 and B2 are used on OBDII complaint cars and is located after the catalytic converter.

Duty Cycle - is calculated from Injector time. Injector opening time is calculated by the ECU based on an engine load. It's not a measured value and it might not be achievable given the RPM. It's not uncommon to see Duty Cycle above 100% because of that.

A/F Base - is a percentage of a fuel map setting currently used to run engine in closed loop, also called Short Term Fuel Trim.

A/F Base SL - is an A/F Base value learned by the ECU, also called Long Term Fuel Trim or Self Learn.

AAC valve - is a percentage of Auxiliary Air Control valve opening (idle speed).

RH parameters only apply to V configuration engines.

Data Display Setup

Parameters to be monitored on each gauge in Data Display are assigned in this window. If a parameter not supported by the ECU is selected all gauges will constantly show 0. Gauges are counted from left to right, top to bottom. Multiple gauges can monitor the same parameter. Test for live registers button queries the ECU for active parameters.

Data Display Colours Setup

This window allows users to customise colours in the Data Display window. Settings are automatically saved.