2006 Navara - ZD30

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2006 Navara - ZD30

Post by Flash! » 22 Apr 2017, 19:54


I've tried Torque to connect to the Navara, and it fails - I'm told it should be consult II - its a zd30 3.0 diesel turbo, not common rail. It has an OBD2 plug.

When I try Datascan II, it connects to the elm 327 v1.5 (all good), goes through a variety of settings (as a little blue bar at the top fills) and gets to what I would say is 90% and then says 'ini failed'

NB Datascan II v1.5 lite.



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Re: 2006 Navara - ZD30

Post by Tom » 25 Apr 2017, 18:50

Your car still uses Consult I protocol for diagnostics. You need a Consult I adapter with an OBDII plug and the NDSI software.

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