Thank you for your interest in the software!

The Nissan DataScan II software including the PayPal fee is $69.80 AUD. (Email us for group buy discounts)
Registered users are provided with two software licenses: laptop and desktop PC.

Please test unregistered software before purchasing. If you are able to connect to the specific ECU (ECM, BCM, TCM, ABS, SRS, Diesel ECM) the other functions will work as well if supported by the ECU.

If you are ready to purchase the software please provide a registration email address and password then proceed with the payment. Once the transaction is successfully finalised you will be able to activate the software via the online registration system.

Registration Email Address

You will need to source your own BlaztII design or generic "dumb" OBDII adaptor. Please see our Supported Adaptors page for more info.

You can also purchase the NDSII software and adaptor from one of our distributors: